Call for articles: _Dhumbadji!_

Nick Nicholas s_nickn at
Wed Sep 18 15:46:01 UTC 1996

_Dhumbadji!: Journal for the History of Language_ is published twice a year by
Association for the History of Language. The journal exists to promote interest
the history, origins and diversification of language. Now in its fifth year and
under new editorship, _Dhumbadji!_ welcomes contributions for publication.
Linguists interested in submitting articles for publication in the next issue of
_Dhumbadji!_ (Vol. 3 No. 1) are asked to send their contributions by December
1996 to:
Association for the History of Language
c/- Nick Nicholas
Dept of Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
University of Melbourne
Parkville VIC 3052
n.nicholas at
A homepage for the Association for the History of Language and _Dhumbadji!_ is
available on the World Wide Web, and is *provisionally* located at
<>. (This address is expected
change within the next two months.) The page includes a full listing of contents
for past _Dhumbadji!_ issues. As readers should be able to see, a major focus of
_Dhumbadji!_ has been palaeolinguistics, but we also welcome contributions from
researchers working in traditional reconstructive historical linguistics,
change and grammaticalisation, language contact and lexical transfer, and any
other field of research meeting the journal's stated aims.
We look forward to hearing from you!
ki egeire arga ta sthqia ta qlimmena;    Nick Nicholas. Ling., Univ. Melbourne.
   san ahdoni pou se nuxtia anoijiata     s_nickn at
   thn wra pou kelahda epnixth, wimena!
stis murwdies kai st' anqismena bata.              ADDRESS CHANGED FROM:
-- N. Kazantzakis, _Tertsines: Xristos_.    nsn at

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