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Fri Apr 4 23:13:03 UTC 1997

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On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, Norman Zide wrote:
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>   Regarding Vovin's reference to Mundalogists who question the
> Munda-Mon-Khmer relationship, who are these people ? I agree with Sasha -
> who doesn't ? - that the numbers (along with much else) imply genetic
> relationship. His examples (Kherwarian/North Munda as compared with Khmer)
> could be better chosen.
I believe that there is some confusion: Sasha Vovin is the one person
(me), Miguel Vidal is another. I trust that both Zide and Vidal
misunderstood my message on numerals in the sense that I deny
Munda-Mon-Khmer genetic relationship. I don't, but I can't see how
numerals alone can be used as a proof of genetic relationship -- that was
the essence of my reply to Vidal. As for Mundologists who doubt the
Munda-Mon-Khmer, it seems to me that David Stampe expressed doubts in his
recent posting not only about re Austric, but about Austroasiatic in
general, referring not only to himself, but also to Zide and Donegan. If I
misunderstood him, I offer my sincere apologies, since it turns out that
Zide does not doubt AA.
Alexander (Sasha) Vovin

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