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Vol. 8.2 of the American Journal of Germanic Linguistics (journal of the
Society for Germanic Philology) is now available. New members joining now
will receive 8.2, plus 9.1 (currently in press) and 9.2 (fall). New
institutional subscribers will receive a complete set of back issues,
1.1-8.2, plus volume 9.
  8.2 contains:
John R. te Velde: Coordination and antisymmetry theory
Neil G. Jacobs: On the investigation of 1920s Vienna Jewish speech
Amanda Pounder: Inflection and the paradigm in German nouns
W. A. Benware: Processual change and phonetic analogy: ENHG <s> > <sch>
Joseph B. Voyles: Response to Penzl's "Zum Beweismaterial . . ."
E. Koenig and J. van der Auwera, eds., The Germanic languages, rev. by
        Wayne Harbert
W. J. Jones, Sprachhelden und Sprachverderber, rev. by Klaus-Peter Wegera
C. Russ, The German language today, rev. by Ulrich Ammon
R. Bloomer, System-congruity and the participles of  Modern German and
        Modern English, rev. by David Fertig
T. Swan et al., eds., Language change and language structure, rev. by
        Mark Louden
H. Haider et al., eds., Studies in comparative Germanic syntax, rev. by
        Beatrice Santorini
Index to volume 8
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  Applications for membership, subscriptions, etc. should be directed to
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