Germanic Linguistics & Philology

Gregor Hens hens.1 at
Mon Jul 14 17:11:45 UTC 1997

The web site of the SOCIETY FOR GERMANIC PHILOLOGY (SGP) has moved to the
following address:
The SGP embraces all areas of and approaches to Germanic linguistics and
philology, from formal syntax and phonology through historical linguistics
to textual editing and includes scholars interested in the Germanic
languages from Modern German, Netherlandic and Yiddish to Old English,
Scandinavian and Gothic. The web site features information about the SGP,
its membership, its goals and administration. In addition, the full text of
the biannual Newsletter of the Society is available, and visitors to the
site will find editorial information about the Society's journal, the
American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literature (AJGLL). A first
call for papers has been posted for the Fourth Annual Germanic Linguistics
Conference, to be held at Ohio State in April 1998.
Gregor Hens
Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures
The Ohio State University

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