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Dear all,

as a newcomer to this list I would like to say 'hello' to everybody. Let
me combine these greetings with a very short query: Currently, I'm
collecting data concerning the grammaticalization of what is known as
the 'nota accusativi' (cf. Armenian _nora gorceal e z-gorc_ 'he has done
the work', where _z-_ is the nota accusativi (< *dhe-)). The term 'nota
accusativi' refers to case suffixis/prefixes as well as to corresponding
clitics or other elements the main fucntion of which is to encode the
'accusative' function (in rather traditional terms). I would be
interested to learn whether we can state a lexical source for a given
element (e.g. verb, adverb, pre/posposition etc.), and/or whether a
given nota accusativi has a secondary function that encodes e.g. an
allative, locative-essive or what so ever. I myself have already parsed
most of Indo-European, but would be interested (with respect to IE
languages) in non-Persian Iranian languages. I also have checked Turkic,
Mongolian, Caucasian languages, and Semitic (hence no data required from
these languages, too).

Many greetings,


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