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International Colloquium Leuven, may 18th-20th 2000


The colloquium aims to outline the state of research done in the field of
the linguistic situation in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages,
particularly in the field of the development of the written vernacular
since the 11th century. Besides Latin, the international language of the
scholars which is taken as an example for linguistic communication, written
forms of the vernacular appear in most of the linguistic zones. These
written forms rapidly develop tendencies towards standardization, though
with very different orientations. During the colloquium these developments,
which differ with regard to their chronology, their linguistic evolutions
and the cultural history, can be brought together and compared. All the
linguistic zones of medieval Western Europe will serve as framework, but
special consideration will be granted to French, Italian, Spanish on the
one hand, and English, Dutch, German and Scandinavian languages on the other.

The Latin language as a standard and its relation to the vernacular
Variation and standardization in the Romance area
Variation and standardization in the Germanic area
Linguistic variation and standardization in their literary and historical

At this moment we already expect contributions from :

M. Van Uytfanghe (Gent), S. Lusignan (Montréal), P. Swiggers (Leuven), P.
Stotz (Zürich), E. Kadens (Princeton), W. Van Hoecke (Leuven), P. Van
Reenen (Am-sterdam), M. Mostert (Utrecht), J. Herman (Venezia), J. Wüest
(Zürich), A. Dees  (Am-sterdam), L. Stanovaïa (St-Petersburg), A.R.
Somolinos (Madrid), R.Van Deyck (Gent), U. Jokinen (Jyväskylä), L.
Gasperini (Perugia), S. Vanvolsem (Leuven), O. Zwartjes (Oslo), M. T.
Echenique (Valencia), A. Hunt (Oxford), D. Edel (Utrecht), J. van der Horst
(Leuven), A. Berteloot (Münster), L. Draye (Leuven), K. Gaertner (Trier),
R. Peters (Münster), D. Huth (Bonn), M. Goyens (Leuven), P. Wunderli
(Düsseldorf), Cl. Buridant (Strasbourg), G. Latré (Leuven), M. van der Wal

Those who are interested are still invited to offer papers for the
conference. Lectures can be given in English, French or German and run up
to 20 minutes, followed by a 10 minutes discussion:

Colloquium fee:

1.000,- BEF for administration costs, payable at the beginning of the

Colloquium administration:

· Prof. Dr. Michèle Goyens
Departement Linguistiek
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21
B - 3000 Leuven
Tel.: + 32 (0) 16 32 47 98
Fax:  + 32 (0) 16 32 47 67
E-mail: michele.goyens at
· Prof. Dr. Werner Verbeke
Instituut voor Middeleeuwse Studies
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21
B - 3000 Leuven
Tel.: + 32 (0) 32 49 94
Fax.: + 32 (0) 32 49 93
E-mail: werner.verbeke at

Prof. Dr. Michèle Goyens
Franse taalbeheersing
Franse diachrone taalkunde
Faculteit Letteren
Blijde-Inkomststraat 21
B - 3000 Leuven
Tel: 016/32 47 98
Fax: 016/42 47 67
E-mail: michele.goyens at

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