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Dorothy Disterheft DISTERH at UNIVSCVM.SC.EDU
Sat Jan 30 15:59:27 UTC 1999

Dear colleagues,
Recently things have gotten very intense and sometimes confusing at
HISTLING Central. This is in part due to the fact that most of you are
responding to a person privately AND copying your message to the list
at the same time. This sometimes results in responses being posted
before the original message shows up. The confusion escalates when I
send a message back for revision and a response to it shows up before
I get the rewritten version.

Most of the time I keep things straight, but often our LISTSERV doesn't.
Please help me out by not responding privately to a message and at the
same time posting it to the list. Instead, post your message to the
list only and let all the folks respond to it after it is broadcast.

As of now, I will not post responses that have been sent both to the
original sender and to the list.

Thank you for your consideration,

Dorothy Disterheft
Moderator, HISTLING

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