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>          Mamulique   Garza      Comecrudo
>sun       atl        ai         al
>moon      kan        an         eskan
>water     aha(?)     axe        apanekla
>road      --         aie        aaul
>man       (kessem)   knarxe     na
>woman     kem        kem        kem
>sky       --         apiero     apel
> [...]
>(A) The "historical sound law" Goddard alludes to is never stated. He is,
>of course, talking about the relation between ai and al and that between
>aie and aaul.  But there is no single sound law that can be invoked here.
>Presumably (I have forgotten to ask him), he is talking about the
>relationship between Garza "i" and Comecrudo "l", but there surely a
>problem given that Comecrudo "l" also "corresponds" to Garza "r" (as in
>apiero : apel).

Not necessarily.  The correspondence might be between apel and

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