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I will not now respond to the people who have been
kind enough to respond to my posting on Comecrudan.
Rather, I will provide the info several of them
requested first.  For one of these lgs, Comecrudo,
we have loads of data, but for Garza and Mamulique
all we have is what follows:

Idiome Garza [Garza Language]
Notes fournies par le chef de cette nation [Notes furnished by that
nation's chief]

le soleil [sun]         ai
la lune [moon]          an
les e'toiles [stars]    ma^tajo
l'eau [water]           aje
chemin [path]           aie
homme [man]             knarje
femme [woman]           kem
petit garc,on [boy]     amoso
petite fille [girl]     amasije
pierre [stone]          ouajue
Ebano [ebony]           oueia
Dieu    [God]           (crossed out: mue') Alkiliale
chevreuil [deer]        (crossed out: akial) mue'
rivie`re [river         (crossed out: oueia) akial
un bois (monte) [woods] (crossed out: Teminapam) ouiae
les Comanches           Teminapam
Lipans                  idm [ditto]
Rio Bravo               Auejo-ajuejue
Rio San Juan            Apiame (1)
ciel [sky]              apiero
rancheria [rancheria]   ouamam
cheval [horse]          apiope

(1) Quelques uns le nomment Ajuejue [Some call it Ajuejue].

For Mamulique, there are two versions of the same word

Iia. First of Two Sets of Mamulique data (p.23)

Langue des Indige`nes Carissos  [Language of the Carisso Natives]
qui habitaient les environs de l'hacienda [who lived in the neighborhood
of the hacienda]
de Mammulique ds le Nouveau-Leon [Mammulique in Nuevo Leo'n]
lorsque nous passames en 1828     [when we passed by in 1828]

Dieu [God]                              Mancoyad
soleil [sun]                            atl
e'toiles [stars]                        comchate
lune    [moon]                          can
me`re   [mother]                        quemen
fils    [son]                           ueno
chevreuil [deer]                        uneis, ou ou<?>es
arc [bow]                               qui<i>yemen
fle`che [arrow]                         tatepe
couteau [knife]                         uecuen
homme [man]                             (Erasure)quessem
femme [woman]                           quem
Donne-moi de l'eau [Give me water]      Aha mojo cuejemed
Je prends [I take]                      Nejuchi
Le soleil se le`ve [The sun rises]      Atl ape talem
Moi [me]                                Napel
Je vais [I go]                          Apela
tu vas [you go]                         Nas
il va [he goes]                         Lepema
Ce<l>ui-la` va [That one goes]          Ehuete Lepem<n>a
Que faites-vous?[ What are y'all doing?] Napel cuauste
Qu'est-ce [What is this?]               Zec<u>st

Iib. Second Version of the Mamulique Corpus (p. 28)

Indige`nes [Natives]

Langue des Carrissos, petite tribu que nous recontrames aux environs de
l'hacienda de Mamulique dans le Nouveau-Leon. [Language of the Carrisso, a
small tribe which we encountered in the neighbourhood of the Mamulique
hacienda in Nuevo Leon]

Francais                                Carriso

Dieu [God]                              Mancoyao
homme [man]                             Quessem
soleil [sun]                            atl
me`re [mother]                          quemen ou` [or] kem
fils [son]                              beno
lune [moon]                             can
e'toiles [stars]                        comchate
cerf ou` chevreuil [stag or deer]       uneis
arc [bow]                               quiyemen
fle`che [arrow]                         tatepe
couteau [knife]                         unec<ui>en
Je, moi [I, me]                         napel
tu [you]                                nas
(Crossed out: Lepema)Vas [You go]       Lepema
celui-la` [that one]                    ehuete
va [goes]                               lepem<n>a
prends [take]                           nejuchi
Voyez mon journal [See my journal]


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