Yakhontov and Swadesh lists

H. Mark Hubey HubeyH at Mail.Montclair.edu
Wed Mar 10 21:23:41 UTC 1999

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I want to do some work with lists like those of Swadesh and
Yakhontov except I want to use the binary system so I have to
use the numbers 32, 64 and 128. I can drop 3 from Yakhontov's
35 list and also drop 1 from his 65 list. I also need to add
28 more to Swadesh's 100 list. The question is what and which
to add or drop.

I'd appreciate suggestions from anyone and everyone.

Best Regards,
hubeyh at montclair.edu =-=-=-= http://www.csam.montclair.edu/~hubey

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