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Wed Jun 6 14:22:16 UTC 2001

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This message is for members of the International Society for Historical
Linguistics. I write to you as current Head of the Society's Nominating

At the Business Meeting of the International Society for Historical
Linguistics during the 2001 Conference in Melbourne, the members of the
society will be asked to vote on a slate of nominees, to fill several
committee vacancies.

There are vacancies for places on the Executive Committee:

SECRETARY OF THE SOCIETY  (in place of Dorothy Disterheft)
FUTURE CONFERENCE DIRECTOR (for the 2005 Conference)
MEMBER (until 2007)

Those members of the present Committee who will continue in office after
the next ICHL will be Barry Blake, as the by then former conference
director; Lene Schoesler, as the by then president, being the director
of the 2003 Conference in Copenhagen; Kate Burridge (Australia) and Rosanna
Sornicola (Italy), as Members till 2003 and 2005 respectively.

We (the nominating committee) are proposing the following slate of
nominees. In each case we have asked the nominee if they are happy to
serve in the capacity in question, and they have told us that they are
indeed happy to do so:

As SECRETARY OF THE SOCIETY:    John Charles Smith (Oxford, England)
As FUTURE CONFERENCE DIRECTOR:  Thomas Cravens (Madison, Wisc., USA)
                          AND:  Joseph Salmons (Madison, Wisc., USA)
As MEMBER (till 2007):          Vit Bubenik (Canada)

This implies that the 2005 Conference will be held at Madison,
Wisconsin (probably in July). We are hereby accepting at last an offer
from Madison which was first made many years ago. The two nominees are
planning to run the conference jointly, which is why we are nominating
both for the committee; should any question of voting arise, they would
share one vote.

There is also one vacancy on the Nominating Committee (in place of
myself), to serve till 2009.

We propose to nominate Dr Concepci'on Company Company (Mexico) for this
vacancy. She has expressed her willingness to be so nominated.

The other members of the committee will continue: Harold Koch
(Australia, till 2003), Martin Maiden (England, till 2005) and Ans van
Kemenade (The Netherlands, till 2007).

The ISHL constitution allows nominations from the membership at large.
If any member wishes to make an alternative nomination, please let
Dorothy Disterheft and myself know by 6th August. All nominators and
nominees must be members of the ISHL, of course.

        Perhaps I should also make clear that Dorothy Disterheft is
happy to continue to be moderator of HISTLING.

        With best wishes to all the ISHL  -     Roger Wright (Liverpool)


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