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Mon Jun 25 17:07:01 UTC 2001

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Graduate Programs in Historical Linguistics in the United States

Dear list members,

Could someone among you suggest to me a list of graduate programs in
historical linguistics in the United States?  I am specifically interested
in M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Indo-European historical and comparative
linguistics, but am also somewhat curious about where the Nostratic
hypothesis might be receiving some attention as well.

I am aware that, among those American universities that have linguistics
departments, most list 'historical linguistics' as a possible area of
graduate specialization.  However, I also know (by personal experience) that
many of these, in reality, only offer one token course in generic historical
linguistics, and often do not even have a historical linguist to teach it.

I suppose, ideally, I am hoping to find a list of linguistic programs in the
United States that have *real* historical graduate programs (not token
programs), with some hint of what sort of historical linguistics is going on
there, e.g. 'Indo-European,' or 'Dravidian,' or 'Nostratic,' etc.  I would
be most grateful for any suggestions at all.  Thank you.

Rolf Rockliff

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