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Evolution Publishing is pleased to announce publication of the following
historically significant reprint:

Pennsylvania Dutch
A Dialect of South German
S. S. Haldeman, A. M.

Originally published in 1872 by the Reformed Church Publication Board in
Philadelphia, PA, this historically significant reprint gives a brief but
explication of Pennsylvania Dutch--a German dialect spoken in the
Pennsylvania towns of Easton, Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lebanon,
 Lancaster, and
York. Out of print for many years, the work represents one of the earliest
scientific treatments of the Pennsylvania German dialect and offers a snapshot
the language as it existed in the 19th century.

Included in the volume is a history of how a dialect of German came to be
spoken in Pennsylvania, the phonology of the dialect, a vocabulary of peculiar
words, syntax, and comparisons to other German dialects. Also included are
several pages of PA Dutch phrases and sentences, examples of PA Dutch words
into English, and samples of "broken" English spoken by the PA Dutch.

May 2003 ~ 69 pp. ~ clothbound ~ ISBN 1-889758-55-8 ~ $28.00

Evolution Publishing is dedicated to preserving and consolidating obscure
records of languages and dialects spoken in North America with the goal of
them more accessible and readily available to the academic community and the
public at large.

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