Polysemy. Flexible Patterns of Meaning in Mind and Language, edited by Brigitte Nerlich et al (2003)

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Series Editors: Walter Bisang (main editor for this volume), Hans Henrich Hock, and Werner Winter


Flexible Patterns of Meaning in Mind and Language

Edited by Brigitte Nerlich, Zazie Todd, Vimala Herman, and David D. Clarke

2003. xii, 422 pages. Cloth.
Euro 98.00 / sFr 157.00 / approx. US$ 98.00
ISBN 3-11-017616-5

(Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs 142)

About fifty years ago, Stephen Ullmann wrote that polysemy is 'the pivot of semantic analysis'. Fifty years on, polysemy has become one of the hottest topics in linguistics and in the cognitive sciences at large. The book deals with the topic from a wide variety of viewpoints. The cognitive approach is supplemented and supported by diachronic, psycholinguistic, developmental, comparative, and computational perspectives. The chapters, written by some of the most eminent specialists in the field, are all underpinned by detailed discussions of methodology and theory.

Brigitte Nerlich is Senior Research Officer at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Zazie Todd is Lecturer at Leeds University, UK.

David D. Clarke is Professor at the University of Nottingham, UK.

Vimala Herman teaches at the University of Nottingham, UK.



Brigitte Nerlich and David D. Clarke
Polysemy and flexibility: introduction and overview

John R. Taylor
Cognitive models of polysemy

Brigitte Nerlich
Polysemy: past and present


Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner
Polysemy and conceptual blending

Andrea Tyler and Vyvyan Evans
Reconsidering prepositional polysemy networks: the case of over

Jarno Raukko
Polysemy as flexible meaning: experiments with English get and Finnish pitää

Ken-ichi Seto
Metonymic polysemy and its place in meaning extension


Adrienne Lehrer
Polysemy in derivational affixes

Beatrice Warren
The role of links and/or qualia in modifier-head constructions

Jean Aitchison and Diana M. Lewis
Polysemy and bleaching

Andreas Blank
Polysemy in the lexicon and in discourse


Rachel Giora and Inbal Gur
Irony in conversation: salience, role, and context effects

Ann Dowker
Young children's and adults' use of figurative language: how important are cultural and linguistic influences?

Brigitte Nerlich, Zazie Todd and David D. Clarke
Emerging patterns and evolving polysemies: the acquisition of get between four and ten years


Adam Kilgarriff
"I don't believe in word senses"

Yorick Wilks
Senses and texts

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