8th International Conference on Late and Vulgar Latin (Oxford, September 2006)

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Tue Jan 25 18:35:12 UTC 2005

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FIRST CIRCULAR (January 2005)

The Eighth International Conference on Late and Vulgar Latin will take
place in St Catherine's College, Oxford, England, from Wednesday 6th
September to Saturday 9th September 2006 (next year).

The academic organizer of this conference will be Professor Roger Wright
(University of Liverpool); the local organizer will be Dr J. C. Smith (St
Catherine's College, Oxford).

It is provisionally foreseen that there will be an opening plenary lecture
by Professor David Langslow (University of Manchester) after the evening
meal on the Wednesday, and a closing plenary before lunch on the Saturday.
In between there will be space for some 50 shorter papers, probably
arranged in two parallel sessions. The conference languages are English,
French, Spanish, German, Italian, or Late Vulgar Latin. The second
circular, to be circulated in the summer of 2005, will invite offers of
papers (to be submitted before 1st February 2006).

There will be a reception in All Souls College on Thursday 7th September,
hosted by Professor J. N. Adams; and a tour of items of interest to Late
and Vulgar Latinists in the Bodleian Library after lunch on the Saturday.

It is also foreseen that most conference participants will be resident in
en-suite rooms in St Catherine's College itself. There will be room in
College for 120 resident participants. The College will provide all meals
from the evening meal on the Wednesday 6th September to lunch on Saturday
9th September, inclusive. St Catherine's has an excellent reputation for
its food and wine.

The all-inclusive cost per person for accommodation in college and all
meals from Wednesday evening to Saturday lunch, including the conference
fee for room hire, etc., and the reception, is likely to be about £300.00
(pounds sterling). The precise figure will be included in the second
circular. It will also be possible to be a non-resident participant; to
attend for only part of the conference, paying pro rata; and to book bed
and breakfast in the college for the subsequent night of Saturday 9th

PLEASE NOTE: The second circular will be sent to all and only those who
have responded positively to this first one. If you wish to receive the
second circular, with its further details, please reply to Roger Wright
(e-mail roger.wright at liv.ac.uk; or by post at the Department of Hispanic
Studies, University of Liverpool, L69 3BX; or by fax to
[0044]-151-794-2785) BEFORE 1ST JULY 2005.

Please feel free to forward this circular to anybody who you think will be


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