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Georgia Green green at
Tue Mar 9 14:14:49 EST 1999

As you may know, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)
is hosting the 1999 Linguistic Institute, co-sponsored by the LSA.
The Institute will be in Urbana this summer from June 21 - July 30.
I hope you will encourage your students (including undergrads!) and
colleagues to make plans to attend.

One highlight will be two courses on the conceptual foundations of
linguistics, by

   Ray Jackendoff	The architecture of the language faculty
   James McCawley	Linguistics and the philosophy of science

Jerry Sadock will teach the course that Bob Lees taught at the 1968 Institute
in Urbana: Intro to General Linguistics.

Of perhaps particular interest, an incomplete list of courses in areas in which
you and I share interests includes many in:

 Computational Linguistics, taught by
   Erhard Hinrichs	grammar development
   Jerry Morgan 	user interfaces
   Jeff Elman 		connectionist models
   Mike Barlow 		corpus investigation
   Ann Copestake 	lexicon
   Martin Kay 		machine translation

    plus a Symposium on Computational Linguistics on 7/7

 Syntax and Morphology, taught by
	Ivan Sag & Gert Webelhuth		WH-constructions
	Joan Bresnan & Rachel Nordlinger	morphosyntax in LFG/OT
	Adele Goldberg				construction grammar
	Arnold Zwicky				the architecture of morphology
	James Yoon				morphosyntax interface
	Mark Baker				category systems
	David Pesetsky				movement
	Juan Uriagereka				ontological minimalism
	Jane Grimshaw				optimality constraints
	Frederick Newmeyer			history of generative syntax

 Semantics and Pragmatics, taught by
	Bill Ladusaw			intro to semantics
	Peter Lasersohn			plurality and conjunction
	Shalom Lappin & Carl Pollard	situation semantics for constraint-
					   based grammars
	Georgia Green			intro to pragmatics
	Larry Horn			implicature
	Ellen Prince			the syntax-discourse interface

Of course, there will also be a big diversity of offerings in:

 Field Methods
 Phonology  and Phonetics
 Historical and Indo-European Linguistics
 Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition
 African Linguistics
 Japanese Linguistics
 Korean Linguistics
 Native American Linguistics
 Semitic Linguistics
 South Asian Linguistics

You can look up the more complete list of courses and get detailed course
descriptions, as well as general information of all kinds about the Institute
at the website:

Tuition for students is US $1,300 for 6-weeks, or US $1,000 for 4-weeks or
less.  Affiliates (linguists who already hold PhDs) should register
with the LSA;  6-week affiliate fee is $1035 or $835 for 4-weeks or less.
(Affiliate fees are used to sponsor LSA student fellowships).

Contact information:

1999 Linguistic Institute, Department of Linguistics
University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
4088 FLB
707 S. Mathews, Urbana, IL  61801

Phone:	 (217) 333-1563
E-mail:	 linginst at

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