NLP Software Development Manager

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Fri Nov 5 10:52:48 EST 1999

Please contact Kent Clizbe at the following address if you'd be interested.

>GateSource Partners
>kent at
>NLP Software Development Manager
> My client is introducing the next major technology platform beyond
>search engines.  We are looking for experienced, high energy and
>talented people, who are excited about being on the cutting edge of
>Internet knowledge technology.   You will play a role in developing the
>new generation of breakthrough knowledge services.  This new technology
>platform raises the bar of knowledge services to a higher level of
>minimum acceptable performance.  Our ontology-enabled solution is
>fundamentally language-independent and can easily be modified to support
>every jargon-rich community (social and economic) on the planet.
>Title:  Software Development Manager
>Job Description:
>Location:  Boston, MA
>*Developer and project manager for a high performance knowledge indexing
>system, using ontologies, NLP, Machine Learning and other advanced
>*Full cycle software development:  use case analysis, requirements
>analysis, project planning, system design, object oriented analysis and
>design, implementation, testing, product delivery and maintenance.
>*Work closely with Customer Support and Sales and Marketing.
>You Offer:
>*Entrepreneurial spirit.  Willing to work hard now to create company
>value to enjoy rewards of stock ownership.
>*3+ years of Project Management experience
>*6 years experience in software engineering
>*C++, Java, CORBA, Object oriented methodologies, Rational Rose
>*Unix platform
>*One or more of the following:  Natural Language Processing, Machine
>Learning, XML, RDF, XLL, high performance database systems
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