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Mon Nov 8 18:51:32 EST 1999

* Opportunities for PhD Study   *

Dear prospective graduate student,

It's my pleasure, as chair of Stanford's Department of Linguistics, to
invite you to apply for graduate study in our PhD program. We have one
of the broadest and most exciting programs available anywhere,
covering almost every imaginable area of specialization, as you can
see from the research areas listed in the descriptions below. This
year we are delighted also to welcome two new faculty members to the
department - Beth Levin and, jointly with Computer Science, Chris Manning -
who will particularly enhance our programs in Semantics and Computational

We provide accepted PhD students with a comprehensive funding package,
so they can concentrate on linguistics, not on making ends meet.
Furthermore, our students are able to get involved in a wide
range of research projects both in the university and in local
industry. By the time our PhD students graduate, they typically have
an impressive list of publications and conference presentations, and
we have an outstanding track record of post-PhD placement. Finally,
Stanford is one of the most beautiful campus locations you could wish
for. I urge you to check out our Web page
( and to contact us as soon as
possible for more information about programs and admission. We look
forward to hearing from you.

                                             Stanley Peters

How to Apply

Financial aid packages are available on a competitive basis (to
international as well as US students). Stanford University is
committed to policies of non-discrimination and to creating
opportunities for historically underrepresented groups.

You can request application forms and catalogs (or apply) from You can
also request materials and information from
ling-admissions at or by writing to:

Department of Linguistics                   tel:+1 650 725 1552
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2150

	 Application Deadline for 2000-01:  January 3, 2000


DAVID BEAVER. Semantics, logic, pragmatics, computational linguistics.
JOAN W. BRESNAN. Syntactic theory and typology, grammar architectures,
              Bantu and Australian morphosyntax.
EVE V. CLARK. Language acquisition, psycholinguistics, semantic and
              pragmatic issues in the lexicon.
PENELOPE ECKERT. Sociolinguistic variation and change, language,
              gender, and identity.
EDWARD FLEMMING. Phonetics, phonology.
SHIRLEY BRICE HEATH. Literacy, language planning, sociolinguistics,
              ethnography of communication.
PHILIP HUBBARD. TESOL, computer-assisted language learning, linguistic
              theory and language teaching.
MARTIN KAY. Computational Linguistics, especially machine translation.
PAUL KIPARSKY. Phonology, historical linguistics, morphology, lexical
WILLIAM R. LEBEN. Phonology, African linguistics, tone and intonation.
BETH LEVIN. Lexical semantics, syntax, morphology, typology.
CHRISTOPHER MANNING. Statistical natural language processing, syntactic
              theory, typology.
STANLEY PETERS. Semantics, computational linguistics, mathematical
JOHN R. RICKFORD. Sociolinguistics, variation and change, style,
              pidgins and creoles, AAVE.
IVAN A. SAG. Syntax, semantics, and their interface; language
              processing (human and computer).
PETER SELLS. Syntax, morphology, Optimality Theory, Japanese and
              Korean grammar, Swedish grammar.
ELIZABETH TRAUGOTT. Historical semantics/pragmatics, grammaticalization,
              discourse analysis.
THOMAS WASOW. Psycholinguistics, syntactic theory, philosophy of
ARNOLD M. ZWICKY. Syntax, morphology, phonology, interfaces.

Ordinate Corp.: Jared Bernstein - Speech recognition and
synthesis. Teknowledge Corp.: Cleo Condoravdi - Semantics, syn/sem
interface. Xerox PARC: Mary Dalrymple - Syntactic theory, semantics,
computational linguistics; Ronald M. Kaplan - Computational
linguistics, morphology, syntax; Geoffrey Nunberg - Pragmatics,
lexical semantics, language policy; Hinrich Schuetze - Statistical
NLP, information retrieval.  IRL: Charlotte Linde - Discourse
analysis, narrative. SRI International: Jerry R. Hobbs - Computational
linguistics, discourse analysis.

Anthropology: James A. Fox; Miyako Inoue. Asian Languages: Yoshiko
Matsumoto; Chao Fen Sun. Computer Science: Terry Winograd. CSLI: Ann
Copestake; Dan Flickinger; Ed Zalta. Education: John Baugh; Kenji
Hakuta; Amado Padilla; Guadalupe Valdes; German Studies: Orrin
W. Robinson; Language Center: Elizabeth Bernhardt. Philosophy: Johan
Van Benthem; Mark Crimmins; John Etchemendy; Julius  Moravscik; John
Perry; Kenneth Taylor. Psychology: Herbert H. Clark; Anne Fernald;
Zenzi Griffin; Ellen Markman; Josh Tenenbaum. Slavic Languages and
Literatures: Richard D. Schupbach. Spanish & Portuguese: Mary
L. Pratt.

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