Japanese morphology

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Emily> I'm looking for recent work on Japanese morphology in J/HPSG.
Emily> In particular, I'm interested in which formal devices are being
Emily> used (lexical rules, types, ... ?).  Any pointers will be greatly
Emily> appreciated.

I have my own idea about how complex predicates are formed in my
causative paper included in a book to be published by CUP.  Ivan has a
copy of the draft.  The main idea is parallel construction of the
morpho-phonological structure and synsem structure ('merging without
spell-out' :-)

There might be some relevant papers in Gunji and Hasida (eds.), Topics
in Constraint-based Grammar of Japanese (Kluwer, 1998). One of the
papers deals Japanese phonology.

Actually there aren't so much research done yet, so you can, and have
to, make your own theory.


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