recent work in coordination in HPSG

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Wed Aug 23 04:05:24 EST 2000

Liz Coppock wrote:

> Can anyone point me to detailed research on
> coordination in HPSG?  I've implemented a solution
> (for simple cases), and I'd like to know where it fits
> in so I can write about it.

Among recent work on coordination in HPSG, there's now an increasing
body of work using order domains. Probably the first approach along
these lines is Kathol's analysis of German conjunct internal suffixes.
He has a chapter in his thesis about this. The thesis has been published
now by Oxford UP, if I'm not mistaken.

If you are interested in left/right-node raising, there's a paper of
mine on European Portuguese clitcs taking wide scope of coordinated
verbs. The paper will appear in autumn, so you might want to pick up a
prefinal version from my homepage

On this year's HPSG conference in Berkeley, Shuichi Yatabe from
University of Tokyo had a paper on left-node raising in Japanese. You
can find it at

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