looking for paper from Nat.Lan.Eng. 6(1)

Vlado Keselj vkeselj at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jan 4 12:33:12 EST 2002

Some time ago I found a Web site with the papers from Natural Language
Engineering 6(1) (Special Issue on Efficient processing with HPSG), but
I cannot find the URL any more.

Does anyone have the URL, or an electronic version of the paper?

The particular paper I am looking for is:

  AUTHOR         = {Callmeier, Ulrich},
  TITLE          = {{PET}. {A} platform for experimentation with efficient
                    {HPSG} processing techniques},
  JOURNAL        = {Natural Language Engineering},
  VOLUME         = {6},
  PAGES          = {99-108},
  YEAR           = {2000},
  MONTH          = {March},
  NUMBER         = {1},
  NOTE           = {Special Issue on Efficient processing with HPSG:
                    Methods, systems, evaluation. },

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