HPSG's position on adjunction and movement

Danièle Godard daniele.godard at linguist.jussieu.fr
Wed Jan 30 13:34:47 EST 2002

>I think it is consensus that one cannot adjoin to a phrase which is an
>instance of the head-filler-schema (the head daughter in the
>head-modifier-schema must not be the mother of a head-filler-phrase), or, in
>our lingua franca, one cannot adjoin to a phrase after movement has taken
>place. This seems to hold for the left periphery of clauses, at least.

Do we agree on the fact? what do we do with frames and localizations (in
French at least):

A Londres, qui a-t-il rencontre ?
In London, who did he meet?

La semaine prochaine, a qui feras-tu appel ?
Next week, who will you appeal to?

Syntaxiquement, quelle est la meilleure analyse ?
Syntactically, what is the best answer?

Long distance is not always very good (there may be variation):

?? A Londres, qui dit-on qu'il a rencontre ?
?? La semaine prochaine, a qui penses-tu qu'ils
feront appel ?

Daniele G.

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