Call for papers: Conference on deverbal nouns, Lille 23-25 september 2004

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International conference on deverbal nouns
Université Lille 3, France
23-25 septembre 2004
2nd Call for papers

Invited Speakers: Artemis Alexiadou (Universität Stuttgart), David Dowty 
(Ohio State University), Jane Grimshaw (Rutger's University), Françoise 
Kerleroux (Université Paris 10)

·       Submission deadline: February 15th 2004
·       Notification of acceptance: May 1st 2004
·       Preliminary programm: June 15th 2004
·       Meeting: September 23rd-25th 2004

Deverbal nouns are a crucial topic of linguistic inquiry because their 
analysis involves problems of morphology, syntax and semantics and can shed 
light on the interfaces between these components. Abstracts are invited on 
all questions pertaining to deverbal nouns, including

-The different morphological processes constructing nouns from verbs
-How these morphological processes influence the syntactic and semantic 
properties of the resulting noun
-The relationship between the argument structure of the source verb and 
that of the resulting noun
-The relationship between the syntactic subcategorization properties of the 
source verb and those of the resulting deverbal noun
-The semantic interpretation of deverbal nouns and its links to argument 
structure, subcategorization, and morphology
-The status of nouns which are semantically linked to a verbal predicate 
without there being any morphological relationship between the two.
-The status of gerunds and other intermediate forms between nouns and verbs
-Comparative and typological studies of deverbal nouns
-Studies of the choice in discourse between an NP headed by a deverbal noun 
and a finite clause headed by the source verb

Submissions on other languages than English and French will also be welcome.
Talks will be delivered in English or French

Submission guidelines
1) An anonymous abstract (in English or French) of less than 1000 words 
(excluding bibliographical references). The abstract (including references) 
must fit on 2 pages in A4 format using a Times 12 font (or US letter format 
if A4 is unavailable). The abstract must clearly specify the subject that 
you will be addressing as well as your main conclusions. References must be 
made to previous work on the subject and the crucial data on which your 
conclusions are based must be mentioned.
2) On a separate page, you should mention your name, first name, 
affiliation, mailing address, academic status and the title of your paper.
Submissions should be sent by electronic mail to 
deverbalnouns at, preferably in .pdf format (or .rtf or .doc if 
.pdf is unavailable). Please be sure to send the page with the personal 
data as a separate attached document from the abstract. Please call the 
file with the personal data name.perso.pdf and the one with the abstract 
name.abstract.doc (where "name" is the name of the author or of the contact 
person in the case of multiple authors). Abstracts must be received before 
February 15 2004.

If you cannot submit your abstract electronically, you can send 2 paper 
copies of the abstract and the page with personal information to the 
following address, making sure that it arrives on 15 February at the latest.

Colloque déverbaux
UMR 8528 « SILEX »
Université de Lille 3
BP 149

Information about the conference (fees, registration form, accommodation, 
transportation, ...) will be kept up to date on:

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