New Submissions to the HPSG Bib

Stefan Müller Stefan.Mueller at
Wed Dec 1 09:11:24 EST 2004


Please find a list of entries that were submitted to the HPSG
Bibliography during the last three month in the following file:

This time there are 112 new entries! This is a new record (the old
record was 31 submissions). We have 886 publications now! I guess we can
reach 1000 next year.

Thanks for submissions go to Emily M. Bender, Jonathan Ginzburg,
Aurelien Giraud, Jong-Bok Kim, Ute Mai, Matthew Purver, Adam
Przepiorkowski, Ulrich Schäfer, and Paul Soma.

I extended the Online Bib by information about journals. Journals that
have a web page are now linked automatically. Some journals have online
access (for instance Language, Journal Of Linguistics, Linguistic
Inquiry, all Kluwer publications). More recent articles can be
downloaded there.

If you submit publications (or you submitted publications) that appeared
in a journal that is not linked automatically, please send me the URL,
so that I can integrate it.

Please submit further entries at

If you do not like the web interface, you may send me BibTeX entries and
I will integrate them.

Thanks and greetings


Stefan Müller

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