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We are happy to announce that a new Written Spoken Language Resource is now 
available in our catalogue.

>Date: Mon, 01 Aug 2005 12:09:51 +0200
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>Subject: ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update
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>Our apologies if you have received multiple copies of this announcement
>ELRA - Language Resources Catalogue - Update
>We are happy to announce that new Spoken Language Resources are now 
>available in our catalogue.
>To view all the Language Resources available, you can visit our on-line 
>catalogue : http://www.elra.info or
>ELRA-L0056 - STO SprogTeknologisk Ordbase (Danish Lexicon for NLP/HLT 
>The STO Lexicon is the most comprehensive computational lexicon of Danish 
>comprising approx. 81,530 entry words
>including morphological, syntactical and semantic information and it is 
>well integrated with the European activities
>in the field of lexicon development building on experience obtained from 
>the PAROLE and SIMPLE projects. The model
>and descriptive method of the STO lexicon are kept compatible with the 
>architecture and descriptive language of
>PAROLE/SIMPLE. A number of refinements, adaptations and language-specific 
>extensions to the basic model are
>implemented  in STO.
>More details can be found on Web page  http://www.elda.org/article85.html. 
>Any additional request should be directed to
>Valerie Mapelli (mapelli at elda.org).
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