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The book detailed below might be of interest to anyone interested in the
syntax of negation and HPSG analyses of negation.

Bob Borsley

Welsh Negation and Grammatical Theory
Robert D. Borsley & Bob Morris Jones

Publisher: University of Wales Press
Price: £30.00
Pages: 272
ISBN: 0-7083-1883-5

This book provides an in-depth discussion of the expression of negation in
Welsh, especially in colloquial, or informal, Welsh. The book draws on
modern grammatical theory to provide detailed and precise descriptions of
one of the richest and most complex areas of Welsh grammar. It also
develops formal analyses and explores the implications of the Welsh facts
for grammatical theory. It should be of interest both to readers with an
interest in Welsh but with little knowledge of grammatical theory, and to
specialists in grammatical theory with little or no knowledge of Welsh.

Contents  Acknowledgements. Abbreviations. 1. Preliminaries. 2. Some basic
features of Welsh negation. 3. Negative verbs. 4. Negative dependents. 5.
Negative adverbs and negative quantifiers. 6. Other forms of negation. 7.
The big picture. 8. Formal analyses 1: Basic elements. 9. Formal analyses
2: Further matters. 10. Principles and Parameters approaches. 11. Further
issues. Appendix. References

Robert D. Borsley is Professor of Linguistics in the University of Essex,
formerly in the Linguistics Department of the University of Wales, Bangor.

Bob Morris Jones is Reader in the School of Education and Lifelong
Learning of University of Wales, Aberystwyth.

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