Summer School on Music and the Origins of Language

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Wed Jun 12 05:34:21 EDT 2013

Dear colleagues,

There are two stipends left for PhD students or young doctoral researchers to participate in the Summer School on Music and the Origins of Language, organized by the Evolutionary Linguistics Association in Cortona (Italy); 15-20 September 2013:

The Summer School includes lectures from top researchers on music and language, hands-on technical ateliers for learning how to implement agent-based models for studying the evolution of language, and artistic ateliers. The two remaining stipends are reserved for participants with proven experience in the computational implementation and processing of models of deep language processing (based on e.g. HPSG, LFG, FUG, PATR-II, FCG, ECG, SBCG, Combinatorial Grammar, and others).

The stipend includes registration, accomodation and meals, and a contribution to travel costs.

The computational formalism taught and used in the ateliers is Fluid Construction Grammar (, but the proposed methodology of agent-based modeling is of course open to any other formal approach to grammar, and we highly welcome any contribution to achieving a deeper understanding of how languages emerge and continue to evolve over time.

Kind regards

Remi van Trijp
Sony CSL Paris
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