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Wed Jun 26 06:54:49 EDT 2013

The European Language resources Distribution Agency (ELDA), a company 
specialized in Human Language Technologies within an international 
context, acting as the distribution agency of the European Language 
Resources Association (ELRA), is currently seeking to fill an immediate 
vacancy for Technical Engineer/Scientist (Project Manager) position, 
specialized in Speech and Multimodal technologies.

*Technical Engineer / Scientist (Project Manager) in Speech and 
Multimodal Technologies*

Under the supervision of the CEO, the responsibilities of the Technical 
Engineer/Scientist include designing/specifying language resources, 
setting up production frameworks and platforms, carrying out quality 
control and assessment. He/she will be in charge of renovating the 
current language resources production workflows. This yields excellent 
opportunities for young, creative, and motivated candidates wishing to 
participate actively to the Language Engineering field. He/she will be 
in charge of conducting the activities related to language resources and 
Natural Language Processing technologies. The task will mostly consist 
in managing language resources production projects and co-ordinating 
ELDA's participation in R&D projects while being also hands-on whenever 
required by the development team.

Profile :

  * PhD in computer science, speech, audiovisual/multimodal technologies
  * Experience and/or good knowledge in speech data collection,
    expertise in phonetics, transcription tools
  * Experience in speech recognition, synthesis, speaker ID and the
    well-used packages (e.g., HTK, Julius, ...) and the tools to
    produce, collect and assess quality of resources and datasets
  * Experience and/or good knowledge of the Language Technology area
  * Experience with technology transfer projects, industrial projects,
    collaborative projects within the European Commission or other
    international frameworks
  * Ability to work independently and as part of a team, in particular
    the ability to supervise members of a multidisciplinary team
  * Dynamic and communicative, flexible to combine and work on different
  * Good knowledge of Linux and open source software
  * Proficiency in C++, PhP, Java, Django is a plus
  * Proficiency in French and English
  * Citizenship of (or residency papers) a European Union country

Applications will be considered until the position is filled. The 
position is based in Paris.

Salary : Commensurate with qualifications and experience.

Applicants should email a cover letter addressing the points listed 
above together with a curriculum vitae to :

Khalid Choukri


55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin

75013 Paris


Fax : 01 43 13 33 30

Mail : job at

ELRA was established in February 1995, with the support of the European 
Commission, to promote the development and exploitation of Language 
Resources (LRs). Language Resources include all data necessary for 
language engineering, such as monolingual and multilingual lexica, text 
corpora, speech databases and terminology. The role of this non-profit 
membership Association is to promote the production of LRs, to collect 
and to validate them and, foremost, make them available to users. The 
association also gathers information on market needs and trends.

For further information about ELDA/ELRA, visit :

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