[HPSG-L] extraction of primary objects and benefactives in English

Stefan Müller St.Mueller at hu-berlin.de
Mon Nov 28 15:19:19 EST 2016

Hi everybody,

I am looking at extractions of objects in English. The literature claims
that extraction of the primary object is out/bad/marked and the
extraction of the secondary object is fine.


  We give children sweets.
  Which sweets do you give children _?
% Which children do you give _ sweets?

First question: Are there any experimental studies on this?

Second question: Are benefactive different?

  He carved this woman a statue.
  What kind of statue did he carve this woman _?
% Which woman did he carve _ a statue?

Third question: Is there an HPSG analysis that formally blocks the
extraction of one of the objects?

I would do this by lexically specifying the SLASH value of the object as
empty, but maybe there is a paper on or an implementation of this already.


Greetings from Berlin


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