[HPSG-L] First drafts of HPSG handbook chapters online

Stefan Müller St.Mueller at hu-berlin.de
Sat Feb 15 06:57:50 EST 2020

Hi everybody,

The HPSG handbook made good progress and will hopefully be completed
this year. The first prepublished drafts are available here:


More will follow within the next weeks.

The layout is not final and there will be further rounds of reading the
whole volume and establishing coherence. But this is the first draft.
Chapters are reviewed by two to three reviewers.

There are chapters on syntactic phenomena, on other parts of linguistics
like gesture and psycholinguistcs and also on other theories like
Dependency Grammar, CxG, Categorial Grammar and Minimalism.

If you have comments on typos and so on, this would be welcome. There
should not be any since the prepublished chapters are proofread already.

Have fun!

Best wishes


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