[I-LanD Research Centre] 2nd CfP_Valencia/Napoli Colloquium on Gender & Translation (3rd edition) (Universitat de València, October 24-25, 2019)

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Dear all,


The I-LanD Research Centre invites you to submit abstracts for consideration
for the Valencia/Napoli Colloquium on Gender & Translation (3rd edition) -
Feminism(s) and/in translation, which will be held in Valencia (Spain),
October 24-25, 2019.


The Colloquium is jointly orginised by the GenText Research Group of the
Universitat de València, the Dipartimento di Studi Letterari, Linguistici e
Comparati of the Università di Napoli 'L'Orientale', and the GETLIHC
Research Group (Grup de Estudis de Gènere: Traducció, Literatura, Història i
Comunicació) of the Universitat de Vic/Universitat Central de Catalunya. The
main aim of this initiative (which will shift venue from edition to edition)
is to periodically offer a broad view of research on translation and
gender/sexuality around the world, as it is becoming a powerful and critical
intersection for a number of disciplines, from translation to linguistics,
from literature to gender/sexuality, from culture to ideology.


More information on the Colloquium can be found in the attached file.


We would appreciate any help you might be able to offer in sharing the CfP,
even within your own departments.


Thank you very much.


Kind regards,
Antonio Fruttaldo


I-LanD Research Centre

Università di Napoli 'L'Orientale'

Palazzo S. Maria Porta Coeli

Via Duomo, 219 - 80138 Naples

Room 1.23 

ph. +39 081 6909861

website: http://www.unior.it/ateneo/14038/1/i-land-research-centre.html

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