Andean Center for Teacher Training improves reading in Bolivia

Donald Z. Osborn dzo at BISHARAT.NET
Wed Dec 1 16:22:15 UTC 2004

The following from the Nur University Newsletter may be of interest. Although it
doesn't mention it until the end, the approach is bilingual Quechua/Spanish.

Andean Center for Teacher Training:
Improving Reading in Primary Schools

The program trains teachers in methods that improve reading comprehension
After 18 months of operation, Nur's Andean Center of Excellence for Teacher
Training (CETT) is making a visible difference in the way children are learning
to read. Nur's teacher training Center, supported by the US Government and
private contributions, is one of three Latin American Centers established under
a Summit of the Americas Initiative in April, 2001.

The program trains teachers in methods that improve reading comprehension. It is
based on the concept of nurturing meaningful communication for children, not
only in the classroom, but in their lives.

The growing impact of the CETT project has been covered widely by Bolivian
newspapers. The articles focus on the resulting enthusiasm of children who
become more eager to read and learn after receiving instruction in the
interactive reading methods promoted by the program.

The program's goal is to provide intensive teacher training for 6,000 primary
school teachers who will reach 180,000 children in Bolivia. Its work is based
on the latest research findings identifying the most effective ways of teaching
reading. Through the documentation of its work, Nur's Center is advancing the
field of bilingual intercultural education -- in this case, Quechua and

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