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Subject: Congress on language Diversity, Sustainability and Peace

Dear colleagues,

This message is to inform you that the Linguapax Institute and the Forum of
Cultures Barcelona 2004 are organising a World Congress on Language
Diversity, Sustainability and Peace. The Congress will be held in Barcelona
from May 20 to 23, 2004.

Confirmed keynote speakers are:

Introductory Speech:

David Crystal (University of Wales)

Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany)
Juan Carlos Moreno Cabrera (Autonomus University of Madrid)

Suzanne Romaine (University of Oxford)
Albert Bastardas (University of Barcelona)

Fernand de Varennes (Murdoch University, Australia)
Miquel Siguan (University of Barcelona).

There will also be five parallel workshops dealing with the folllowing
topics: Positive models of language policy and planning, Case studies of
language revitalization and standardization, Evaluation of the current
sociolingustic research, Language law and language rights and Agents in
favour of language diversity (IGOs, NGOs, civil society organizations, etc.)

 A call for papers period is open until March 1st.

More information in English, French, Spanish and Catalan at:
Josep Cru
Institut Linguapax
C/Mallorca, 285
Barcelona 08037
Tel. 93 458 95 95
Fax. 457 58 51
info at linguapax.org

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