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Does anyone have further info on the literacy campaign in Venezuela,
and whether the focus on Spanish is having a negative effect on
indigenous languages? TIA...  DZO

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The following item was forwarded by Karen Chung to the Linguist list -
 and it seems to suggest a literacy campaign in Venezuela that
focuses only on one language. Can anyone comment more on the
situation there?  DZO

In Venezuela, Words Spread Far and Wide By Carol J. Williams,
Times Staff Writer

A literacy program teaches Spanish, the nation's official language, in
isolated indigenous villages

ISLA PEDRO CAMEJO, Venezuela -- ...Teacher, handyman and rare link
with the modern world, Fernandez pops in a cassette for the
community's first Spanish-language instruction, which begins with a
slogan from Cuban liberation hero Jose Marti: "To be cultured is to
be free."

This remote island in the Orinoco River is one of the last and most
isolated enclaves targeted in Venezuela's vaunted campaign against
illiteracy, which in less than a year has taught 1.2 million people,
from the slums and the jungles, to read and write in the national


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