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> Kuh-ke-nah International Indigenous SMART Communities Gathering
> 17-18 March, 2004
> In the Oji-Cree language of Northern Ontario in Canada, Kuh-ke-nah means
> everyone...together. For Oji-Cree people it describes a traditional
> network of families living and surviving  in the vast wilderness that we
> now know as the Canadian Shield. Today, Kuh-ke-nah also describes
> Canadas SMART First Nations.
> The SMART First Nations Demonstration project is a three year initiative
> led by the Keewaytinook Okimakanak (Northern Chiefs) Council in
> partnership with the government of Canada that blends community
> leadership with technological innovation. Together with everyone the
> Kuh-ke-nah First Nations are defining a new network of community
> development, opportunity and wellness.
> During the past ten years, the Deer Lake, Fort Severn, Keewaywin, North
> Spirit Lake and Poplar Hill First Nations have applied information and
> communications technologies (ICTs) to build new skills and transfer
> knowledge, reduce longstanding forms of cultural isolation and physical
> remoteness and enhance community well-being.
> Since 2000, these communities have adopted a SMART approach to ICT
> development. Each year theyve identified and implemented new education,
> health and cultural services. And everyday the people living in the
> SMART First Nations are showing others how everyone really can be
> brought together through the use of ICTs.
> The Kuh-ke-nah International Indigenous Gathering is the culminating
> event of the SMART First Nations Project.  The Gathering will provide a
> virtual space for bringing together Indigenous people from around the
> world to show how they have used information and communications
> technologies. Participants will demonstrate on-line how they are
> influencing positive change in their communities by addressing community
> needs, achieving community development goals, improving community
> services, supporting cultural expression and building new capacities.
> The Kuh-ke-nah Network will host a virtual two day conference where
> lessons learned, good practices and the SMART project outcomes will be
> shared. On-line delegates and guests will exchange views and workshop
> new approaches and alliances. Kuh-ke-nah Chiefs and community ICT
> champions will show how advanced e-learning, telemedicine and community
> development applications have been both influenced and supported by
> Indigenous values and needs.
> This conference will appeal to Indigenous ICT workers and policy-makers
> alike. Community representatives as well as government, academic and
> industry representatives will make the Kuh-ke-nah SMART International
> Gathering a diverse and rich experience -- a new world of communities in
> development. Register now at:
> http://smart.knet.ca/international
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