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This topic (& CFP - note approaching deadline) may be of interest for those who
haven't seen it. (Reposted from H-West-Africa, where it appeared on 28 May).

Title: Language and Discrimination
Special Issue of the Journal Patterns of Prejudice on Language and

Call for Papers Deadline: 2004-11-30
Date Submitted: 2004-05-11

Richard Pugh (Keele University) will guest edit a special issue of the journal
Patterns of Prejudice on Language and Discrimination, to be published in
eptember 2005.

The role that language plays in racial or ethnic stereotyping and discriminatory
practices is widely noted but the position of minority languages is less
frequently explored. Minority languages are often subsumed in discussions of
race and ethnicity and consequently remain an under-recognized aspect of
prejudice and discrimination. However, political upheavals throughout Europe
and the wider world together with the resurgence of assertions of ethnic
identity are increasingly focusing attention on the experiences of various
linguistic minorities, including the Roma, refugees and asylum-seekers as well
as indigenous or long-established linguistic minorities within countries.

This special issue of Patterns of Prejudice will encourage such an examination
of the role of minority languages. The editors are particularly interested in
papers that clearly focus on power relations and issues of discrimination and
marginalization. Contributions that are confined to ethnographic description
will not be considered for this special issue. Papers might focus on:

*       the role of "official" languages in expressing nationalism both
generally or within particular countries, and the consequences for linguistic
minorities affected;
*       the demographic, social or legal situation of minority languages in
different countries;
*       the significance of minority languages in terms of a minority group's
experience of marginalization, and in the implementation of discriminatory
*       the role of minority languages in resisting negative stereotyping,
prejudice or discrimination
*       the differential response of governments and public bodies to minority
language claims (especially in regard to education, law, welfare, and cultural

Papers addressing these and related questions should be submitted in hard copy
with a disk, or as an e-mail attachment, by 30 November 2004. Submissions
should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words in length, although in exceptional
cases longer articles can be considered. All papers must be the original work
of the author/s. Contributions will be subject to peer review and the editors'
decisions will be final. Further notes for contributors can be found on the
journal's webpage (www.tandf.co.uk/journals/authors/rpopauth.asp). Submissions
should be sent in the first instance to the address below.

Barbara Rosenbaum
Patterns of Prejudice
79 Wimpole Street
London W1G 9RY
United Kingdom
fax: +44 (0)20 7935 3252

Contact: b.rosenbaum at jpr.org.uk

Announcement ID: 138508

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