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The "Optimus Maximus" keyboard that has been in the works since mid-2005(?)
is apparently going to be a reality later this year (orders being accepted
beginning May 20; first deliveries in Nov.) for a price - over US$1500.


For those not following the story, the Art Lebedev Studio in Moscow has been
working on this project for a keyboard with LED keys that change to indicate
the active keyboard layout. 

Eventually the price will come down - personally I would hope enough so that
this could become standard. The potential for minority languages that use
extended Latin or non-Latin writing systems, and for computing generally
where more than one language is used, could be great. On the other hand, not
sure how easily such a keyboard could be worked into laptops/notebooks where
one would think the nature of the keys would add to weight and bulk. And of
course something like this on increasingly popular mobile devices - where
the keys are already almost too small to type with - would seem improbable.
However one can hope that the technical and production-cost issues can be
resolved to make this technology more widely available. 

Don Osborn
PanAfrican Localisation project

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