Preserving Kanien'keh�:ka Culture and Language

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Wed Mar 14 03:36:03 UTC 2007

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The Drum Beat newsletter, Issue 386 "Knowledge - Part I: Cultivating Local
Content" March 12 2007
Preserving Kanien'kehà:ka Culture and Language Through Community-Based
Education and Video
by Elizabeth J. Saccà & Katsi'tsákwas Ellen Gabriel

In response to the need for aboriginal writing and imagery spurred by what
was understood to be mass media's stereotyped portrayal of aboriginal
people, several artists in a rural indigenous community northwest of
Montreal, Canada decided to explore video as a tool for making personal and
traditional stories of members of Kanien'kehà:ka: People of the Flint 
(Mohawks) accessible to the community and to others. Kanehsatà:ke and
non-aboriginal women formed a community-based video project, joining their
efforts with fellow community members. The authors describe the Kanien'keha
language videos that emerged, and explore their role in preserving
Kanien'kehà:ka culture and language.

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