"Global Conversations: A Festival of Marginalized Languages" 2007/10/24-26

Don Osborn dzo at BISHARAT.NET
Mon Oct 15 02:28:54 UTC 2007

The International Center for Writing and Translation (ICWT) at the
University of California - Irvine is holding an event called "Global
Conversations: A Festival of Marginalized Languages" on Oct. 24-26, 2007.
(This is late to pass on word, but I hadn't been tracking this one - sorry)

See http://www.humanities.uci.edu/icwt/globalconversations/

The conference "will celebrate conversation among and between languages. The
conference will feature scholars, writers, performers, practitioners and
activists who are involved in and passionate about the languages with which
they work and live.  We will be focusing on examples of the revival,
restoration and visibility of languages and cultures in Asia, Africa, Europe
and the Americas. We see this conference as an opportunity to reflect on how
we can encourage conversation among and between languages in scholarship,
activism, literature, teaching, and performance. We are coming together in
order to be in conversation with one another and to be encouraged to go
forward in these areas."

"ICWT invites individuals to attend."

ICWT is headed by Prof. Ngugi wa Thiuon'o
See http://www.humanities.uci.edu/icwt/

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