Call: Primary Sources on Khoesan Languages

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FYI from the Linguist List .
Khoisan is the smallest of the 4 language families indigenous to Africa,
often noted for the "clicks" it uses.


Call: Primary Sources on Khoesan Languages  

Date: 04-Apr-2008 

From: Kemmonye Monaka <>

Subject: Call: Primary Sources on Khoesan Languages

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Inspired by the work of the late linguist Tony Traill on preserving
recordings of extinct South African languages, a volume of primary sources
from existing Khoesan languages is being planned. The editors are seeking
contributions in the form of texts, recordings, or video content in Khoesan
languages, including any of the following: |Xam, !Xóõ, =Hoan, Griqua, |Gui,
||Gana, N|uu (including the |'Auni dialect), Kwadi, Richtersveld Nama,
=Ungkwe, ||Xegwi and !Ora. For any content submitted, please submit a
transcription (if a recording), and English translation, if available. We
intend to include a comprehensive phonetic reference chart as a guide for
all the covered languages, as well as an accompanying DVD in the final
publication if there is substantial multimedia content submitted. 


The intended date of publication is June of 2009, to be edited by Kems
Monaka and Charles Riley, and published by Athinkra. Please note that this
anthology will be focused on putting primary sources into print that have
not previously been published, i.e. actual texts, recordings, etc.,
collected from fieldwork rather than commentary and secondary
interpretation, aside from reference notes. Multimedia submissions (Video,
DVD, audio) are encouraged for submission and will be considered. 


Please mail submissions to kemmonye[at]gmail[dot]com. Text in a
Unicode-compliant font is preferred. If you have any IPA characters not
representable in Unicode, please embed the font(s) used in your document and
consult us before sending your file. Audio may be submitted in .aiff, .wav,
.mp3, or .ogg format; and video preferably as .mpeg, .ogv or .wmv. If
conversion from analog is needed, please consult us for details. 


Submission deadline: June 30, 2008 


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