Saving indigenous languages in Australia

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This week in review. Saving indigenous languages in Australia

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11 August 2009


$9.3m to save indigenous languages

The Age [Australia], 9 August 2009


CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA: The Australian federal government has pledged $9.3
million over the coming year to help take 113 indigenous languages off the
critically endangered list. Of the 145 indigenous dialects spoken in
Australia, 110 are at risk of being lost, a 2005 report found. But under the
government's national indigenous languages policy, there will be an
increased focus on protecting the last vestiges of indigenous language. The
policy will also encourage the teaching of indigenous languages in schools,
although it is understood not to alter the course in the Northern Territory,
where bilingual education is set to be scrapped in 2010. Read the article.

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