[Lexicog] Lacunae-what should then go in the dictionary?

Koontz John E john.koontz at COLORADO.EDU
Wed May 5 16:02:36 UTC 2004

On Tue, 4 May 2004 rrhodes at cogsci.berkeley.edu wrote:
> 	Sorry for the late response. The real thing to do is to
> collect samples and take them to the botanist, ornithologist,
> whatever. Mostly, we don't do that for a variety of reasons. (I
> wouldn't want to take those two porcupines that the locals insisted
> are very different in to be examined.) Sometimes really good nature
> guide books help, but that's second best -- and there are lots of
> misidentifications from pictures alone. Getting an extensive
> description along with a tentative id from pictures is frequently the
> most practical. It doesn't hurt to collect such data even if you are
> taking an actual sample in.

A plant press can be useful for preserving leaves or even stems and
flowers of herbs.  They're bulky, but not impossibly bulky, and fairly
easy to make, being basically cardboard, a simple wooden frame for
stiffening, absorbant paper, maybe newsprint, and some straps to hold it
all together.  We had to make one years ago in a class I took.  I think
you can buy them ready made in specialty shops.  Waterproof wrapping is
needed, I suppose, if the climate requires it, though a wet climate must
complicate this sort of collection considerably.  A press keeps plant
material in fairly recognizable shape for later consultation with a plant

Not much you can do with a porcupine carcass in that line, though, and
even removing the skin would be an act fraught with peril.

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