[Lexicog] "lamb" as a metaphor

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MessageDitto for Singaporean Cantonese.

John Roberts

  Other than the unpleasant smell lamb is generally felt to have, I don't believe there are any idioms in Japanese.
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    From: Fritz Goerling [mailto:Fritz_Goerling at sil.org] 

    What is associated with the image "lamb" when predicated of a person
    in your language (not only English?
    I can only think of "pious as a lamb" (lammfromm) in German.
    To my knowledge in English you can say "as innocent as a lamb"
    or "as docile/quiet/obedient as a lamb". And it can be
    used with reference to someone who you are fond of and who
    is gentle and lovable.

    Fritz Goerling

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