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Dick_Watson at GIAL.EDU Dick_Watson at GIAL.EDU
Mon May 24 16:39:00 UTC 2004

Lexicography: theory and practice
(AL 5398 Seminar in Applied Linguistics)
January 6?February 3, 2005 (GIAL Session 1)

Next January, GIAL (Dallas, TX) will be offering a 4-week seminar in the 
theory and practice of lexicography. The instructors will be Dick Watson, 
Les Bruce, Marlin Leaders and Ron Moe. Topics will include: the structure 
of the lexicon and its place in the grammar, componential analysis of 
meaning, lexical relations, writing definitions and example sentences, 
elicitation techniques, data management (using either Shoebox or 
LinguaLinks), inclusion of morphological and phonological information, and 
various aspects of dictionary design for different audiences. Participants 
are encouraged to bring their own field data to work on during the 

GIAL is inviting SIL members on furlough to participate in this seminar, 
which runs concurrently with a GIAL course by the same name. Those who 
attend the seminar will not be required to be admitted to GIAL or pay 
tuition. Costs for these people will be just $50, to cover materials, 
computer lab & library use. (Housing is the participant's responsibility.) 
Those who desire to take the course for credit must be admitted to GIAL 
and register for the course through the regular GIAL process. Those who 
are not registered GIAL students will not receive official documentation 
of having completed the seminar. All participants in the seminar are 
expected to do the assignments. 

Contact information:
·       If interested, please contact Paul_Kroeger at gial.edu and tell him whether you'd like to take it for GIAL credit or as a 
·       If interested in credit at GIAL, please also contact 
Registrar_gial at gial.edu, and visit the GIAL website at www.gial.edu. 
·       For other questions on content, scheduling, or other matters, contact Dick_Watson at gial.edu. 

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