encodings (was Re: [Lexicog] sounds animals make)

Hayim Sheynin hsheynin at GRATZ.EDU
Tue May 25 15:18:26 UTC 2004

Thank you, Bill. I will try your suggestions. "Combining Dot Below"
Seems to be cumbersome, but if it is the only option, there is no escape
from this. I already had similar reply from Peter Kirk. I thank both of you.

Hayim Y. Sheynin
Gratz College

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Dear Hayim,

There are codepoints for the dotted letters that you require:

	s 0x1e63
	S 0x1e62
	t 0x1e6d
	T 0x1e6c
	h 0x1e25
	H 0x1e24

and for h with the little subscript arc:

	h 0x1e2b
	H 0x1e2c

However, Unicode does not provide directly for all possible combinations
of base character and diacritic, so it provides many diacritics as
separate codepoints. There is a subscript dot diacritic. The Unicode name
is "Combining Dot Below", and the hexadecimal code is 0x0323.
Such diacritics immediately follow the base character, so you can
get also get dotted-s with the sequence 0x0073 0x0323. By using the
diacritic in this way you can represent combinations of a letter with
the subscript dot for which there is no separate codepoint.

The subscript arc is also available as a separate diacritic. It is
called "Combining Breve Below" and has the code 0x032e.


Bill Poser, Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~wjposer/ billposer at alum.mit.edu

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