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Wayne Leman wayne_leman at SIL.ORG
Fri Dec 9 16:09:29 UTC 2005

Lexique Pro works the same as Shoebox for the image \pc lines. I cannot spot the problem in your example line. I have all my image files in the same folder (subdirectory) as my lexical database files so I avoid having to state a different folder. If you have a period at the end of you \pc line, try removing that.

Here is one of my lines which works fine in both Shoebox and Lexique Pro:


Wayne Leman
Cheyenne website: http://beam.to/cheyenne
  When I want to insert a picture into an entry in LexiquePro, I put (as
  suggested in MDF):

  \pc .G.\C:\Documents and Settings\aaa\Desktop\058.jpg;1";1.5";JPG. 
  (I put the graphic file on the desktop)
  but it doesn't work.

  Does LexiquePro function the same as Shoebox in this case? Or where is
  the error in that command line?

  Thank you for your instructions.
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