[Lexicog] Cheyenne dictionary and blog

Mike Maxwell maxwell at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Thu Aug 31 21:41:04 UTC 2006

Claire Bowern wrote:
> Thanks Wayne!
> I should have mentioned at the time that I recently reviewed 
> _Fieldworks_ on my blog: 

I would be interested in your comment:
   There’s a way to import databases from Toolbox,
   although it’s very clunky. I lost a heap of
   glosses in the test i did.
Did you see any rhyme or reason to the entries whose glosses you lost? 
My guess--and it is of course only a guess--is that the structure of 
those entries was different from the structure of the entries where 
import worked right.  E.g. the gloss field was out of order, or some 
other field was out of order.  Or possibly there was a special character 
  in the glosses that didn't import?  Although that's hard to imagine if 
the glossing language was English...
	Mike Maxwell
	maxwell at ldc.upenn.edu

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