[Lexicog] English-Vernacular dictionaries?

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The following website has a list of the first 2000 most frequent English words and another list of the next 3000 words for a total of 5000:


The content appears to be copyrighted. But at least you can reference it. If forms are not copyrightable, then you could use the forms.

Ron Moe

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David Frank suggested:
> One idea is to collect a corpus of English texts in the Philippines, or
> wherever you want to compile an English-vernacular dictionary, and use 
> that
> to generate a word list to use as a foundation. English isn't monolithic,
> and what you would consider a core English vocabulary could vary from 
> place
> to place. I would add to this the English index generated by a vernacular
> word list. That wouldn't be so hit-or-miss, since it would help provide a
> way of expressing the concepts in English that are already of concern to 
> the
> vernacular language speakers.

With regard to obtaining a core vocabulary of the most commonly used English 
words there are several such listings available on the internet. For 
example, the site below has an edited list of the 3000 most commonly used 
words in American newspapers and popular magazines.


The words listed on this site can be readily extracted, unlike other sites. 
It would be a place to start if you wanted to build an (American) English 
lexicon from scratch.

John Roberts

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