[Lexicog] Christmas puns

Dr. Fritz Goerling fritz.goerling at YAHOO.DE
Tue Dec 27 10:06:14 UTC 2011

Salve, doctore Hayim,

I'm impressed with your knowledge of many languages. My Latin is poor as compared with yours.

Gaudeamus igitur, prosit
Let's rejoice, Cheers,

L'chaim! To life!

??? ???? (shana tova)
... and a Happy New Year!


From: Hayim Sheynin 
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Ave, doctore Fritz,

Festivum et laetum Christi diem natalis volo.

Quomodo vales?

Res mira, meministi nomen meum.

Es tu nunc in Africa?

Gratias ago per iocos feriarum.


Dr. Hayim (Vitalius) ben Yehuda Sheynin

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