CFP: Knowledge and Language in the Middle East

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Sat Mar 1 17:50:59 UTC 2008

Call for Papers:
Cambridge Symposium on Middle Eastern Studies: Knowledge and Language in
Middle Eastern Societies
18-19 October, 2008

The University of Cambridge, Department of Middle Eastern Studies, invites
papers to be presented at its international symposium on Knowledge and
Language in Middle Eastern Societies. Papers can range from classical to
contemporary times and are encouraged to be in - but not limited to - the
fields of:

1.    Language and identity: What is the role of language in shaping
identity? To what extent is language a political tool? What socio-political
phenomena are reflected in media and literary language?

2.    Linguistic and literary analysis: What can be learnt about societies
from linguistic aspects such as grammar and syntax?  What does comparative
literature tell us about cultural interactions? How does the
socio-linguistic approach contribute to our understanding of political,
economic and social milieus?

3.    Transmission and classification of knowledge: How do secular and
religious hermeneutics and pedagogy shape the ways in which tradition is
understood? How do translations formulate or modify our perceptions of the
other? How do classifications of knowledge affect curricula and other
aspects of educational systems?

4.    Production and distribution of religious and secular ideas: What is
the interaction between religious and secular spheres in knowledge
production? How do epistemological notions such as secrecy, openness and
knowledge gradation facilitate or restrict distribution? How does the
process of acculturation influence formation and dispersion of ideas?

Abstracts should be sent by email to Yoni Mendel (yym20 at latest by
28th March, 2008. Submissions should be up to 300 words in MS Word or PDF
format, and should include your name, affiliation and academic institution.
Applicants will be notified about the outcome of the selection process on
the 28th May 2008. Each speaker will be allotted 20 minutes for the
presentation followed by 10 minutes for questions.

Two nights in shared accommodation and lunches will be provided for
speakers. Graduate students are encouraged to apply.

We look forward to receiving your submissions. Thank you.

Husain Qutbuddin

on behalf of the Organising Committee:
Dr. Lori Allen, Prof. James Montgomery, Prof. Yasir Suleiman, Bruno De
Nicola, Husain Qutbuddin and Yoni Mendel

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